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Points to consider 


Points To Consider

There are many points you need to consider before going for a specific web host. Understanding these points will help you make a better decision in choosing the right web hosting plan for your website.

Here are some guidelines that can help you choose the best hosting for your website or blog. 

1- Customer support 

Customer support plays an important role when it comes to choosing a web host. Many web site owners are more concerned about price and main features of web hosting companies and neglect to check their customer support service. 

It is important to go with a web hosting company that offers excellent customer support as well as 365/24/7 live chat to their customers. No one wants to wait to hear from support when his/her website is down. 

Among the web hosts we reviewed, two of them stand out in terms of customer support. They are SiteGround and GreenGeeks

2- Refund policy

If you are new in the business and not sure whether your selected web hosting company will suit your needs, then you should only purchase a web hosting plan from a company with a refund policy. This will allow you to get your money back if you do not like their services or face any problems with their support.

Most web hosting companies offer at least 30 days no questions money back guarantee. Others offer 45 days or more. For example, FastComet offers 45 days, while DreamHost offers 97 days,. A2hosting offers a prorated refund any time after the first 30 days trial period.

Signing up with a hosting company that provides a longer refund policy is a smart choice idea, especially if you are moving from one host to another. 

3- Back-Up

Make sure that the web hosting company that you choose offers some type of backup, either free or a paid backup option. This feature is very important as it comes handy when you want to restore your web content in case of a disaster or server problem. Additionally, it is recommended to use a remote storage location for your website such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, or sign up with an online services such as blogvault, MyrePono, or UpdDraft. Subsequently, you should make your own manual backups on a regular basis for at least databases and important files. 

4- Security

Security plays a crucial role when it comes to selecting a web important files hosting company. The minimum security that is expected for a web host is SSL security which protects visitor critical information using https protocol. Most hosting companies now provide “Let’s Encrypt” free SSL with their plans. However, if you have an e-commerce website you need to consider using another layer of security by purchasing an advanced SSL certificate. 

Having an SSL certificates is a must, but not enough. You should also think about other security issues such as malware scanning and hacking prevention.

5- Uptime and Loading Time 

Most of the web hosting providers claim an uptime of at least 99%. Although it is difficult to measure the uptime exactly, you have to take their word for it. What is most important is the loading time. Many hosting companies started using SSD drives in their servers, which improves loading time considerably. However, there are still some major companies that use old HD storage technology. My recommendation is to choose a hosting company that specifically states they use SSD drives. 

6- Price

The monthly hosting fee you will be paying to the hosting company shouldn’t be your first concern unless you are an individual or a small company putting your website online for the first time. But for an established business, we recommend focusing on the above points before looking at the price. Of course, going beyond your budget is never wise, however, choosing a web host on the basis of price alone is also not a good idea. So, do not go for the cheapest web hosting plan unless most of the features mentioned above are fulfilled.

The best hosting providers offer plans for every budget and, in most cases, signing up for more than one year will qualify you for extra discounts.

You should also note that most web hosting companies have higher renewal fees compared to the original price you signed up for. So, it is highly recommended to check hosting renewal prices before signing up. However, there are a few companies that have fixed renewal prices such as FastComet and Hostmetro.

7- Location 

The location and the number of web hosting servers can have a significant effect on the loading speed of a website. Generally, the more servers available, the faster the service. So, when searching for a web host look for web hosts with multiple servers and locations then choose the server closest to your customers.

8- Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage 

When hosting websites, you don’t want to have any sort of limitations. Ideally you should have unlimited storage and bandwidth, so you can upload as much content as you want (images, content, videos etc.). 

However, only a few hosting companies offer full unlimited bandwidth and storage especially with SSD drives. 

Even those who claim to provide unlimited bandwidth and storage can warn you that you are using too much bandwidth, or worse, ban you altogether. Storage and bandwidth shouldn’t be an issue for small businesses and blogs as long as they don’t have too many multimedia files. Most reliable hosting companies give at least 10GB storage and a reasonable bandwidth enough for beginners and a small business website.

9- Free Migration services

If you are planning to change your current web host to a different provider, one of the features to look for in the new web hosting provider is free migration or free site transfer.

This free service can save a great deal of time and hassle, especially if you are using a content management system such as WordPress or you have many email accounts. Instead of moving your website yourself, the new host will take care of it. You’ll only need to provide them with your cPanel or Plex login details. 

Most web hosts provide this service for free. Only a few hosts charge a fee for this service.


The features mentioned in this guide are the most important aspects of web hosting. You need to consider these carefully before signing up for a new web hosting service. The most important ones are: customer support with live chat, backup and security, free migration and SSD drive storage. The following hosting companies provide most of the features mentioned above.

 Top 5 WP Hosting Providers



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