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VPS stands for Virual Private Server which practicaly means dividing a dedicated  server into smaller several virtual machines, each has it's own operating system and resources. VPS hosting provides more control over your website than shared hosting by allowing you to instllal your own software and add more security for your data.

Compared to dedicated server hosting, it's much more affordable and expandable.

Best WordPress VPS Hosting Providers

What is VPS hosting? 

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. The VPS hosting is totally opposite to the shared hosting. Instead of sharing the space with other users on the server, you own the entire server space. You can customize the space however you see fit. This is good in order to secure your data and protect your website from bad neighbors. The VPS runs its own OS and customers can run any software of their wish which has been supported by the OS.

Who should use the VPS hosting? 

VPS hosting is good for the websites which have the large scale in term of hosting space and number of users because by choosing the VPS hosting, you can easily manage both. The example of websites which should be the host on VPS hosting are:

-  Large business websites which are expanding rapidly 

-  Businesses who plan to host multiple websites

-  High traffic websites and blogs who need excessive bandwidth

-  Large e-commerce websites with more than 50 products.

 VPS hosting comes up with advanced options as compare to the shared hosting but in return, it cost double and even more (depends on your requirements).


It is always good to start from shared web hosting in start to save money and move to VPS in future when you notice  you require more space and excessive bandwidth for their websites.

Our recomended  VPS hosting providers are shown below.

Recommended VPS Hosting Providers

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