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Bisnis Jaket serta Tas Kulit Makin Menggiurkan


Bisnis Jaket dan Tas Kulit Makin Menggiurkan Walau biaya bahan bakunya amat tinggi, bisnis jaket dan tas kulit menghasilkan keuntungan yg menggiurkan. Dua penjahit duduk berhadapan di sebuah ruangan berukuran 3×3 meter. Mereka tampak tekun melakukan belasan rompi berwarna hitam dari kulit domba. Dalam waktu beberapa hari, rompi-rompi tersebut harus sudah jadi dan dikirim ke sebuah kelompok Merawat jaket kulit penggemar motor besar. Setelah itu, pesanan jaket selanjutnya sudah menunggu utk digarap. Begitulah keseharian para pegawai di kios jaket kulit milik Bob Souvvan di bilangan Cirendeu, Tangerang Selatan. Ketika ditemui di tokonya, Bob mengaku bisnisnya memang berjalan pesat. Pesanan jaket kulit dari sejumlah BUMN & individu mengalir deras. Omzetnya pun

bisa mencapai ratusan juta rupiah. “Rata-rata omzet saya Rp 250 juta per bulan. Pada Desember 2014 lalu, lantaran pesanan tumplek blek, omzet gw mencapai Rp 1,5 miliar,” kata Bob kepada wartawan BBC Indonesia, Jerome Wirawan. Kiprah Bob berawal dari modal Rp 25 juta pada 2007. Uang tersebut berasal dari hasil pinjaman karna gajinya sebagai supir ketika tersebut cuma Rp 800.000. Oleh Bob, modal Rp 25 juta ngga semua dihabiskan untuk investasi bisnis. “Waktu tersebut sebagian besar dana habis utk kontrakan di kawasan Jatiwaringin, sebesar Rp 13 juta. Sisanya, Rp 12 juta utk membeli jaket. Untuk jaket kulit, uang senilai tersebut

sangat sedikit sekali. Namun, karena modal kepercayaan, teman-teman di Garut membolehkan barang-barangnya dibawa dulu dgn memberikan syarat pembayaran tiga bulan ke depan,” kata Bob. Dalam menciptakan produk-produknya, Bob senantiasa mengutamakan bahan baku dari tanah kelahirannya, Garut. Menurutnya, kulit domba Garut amat berkualitas. Produk jadinya pun tidak kalah dengan produk luar negeri. “Kalau bicara jaket kulit, bahan baku kulit domba Garut sangat prima. Dan penjahit Indonesia umumnya punya kemampuan yang abdi pikir dpt menandingi penjahit negara-negara penghasil jaket terbaik,” ujar Bob. Dibandingkan jaket kulit dari Turki, misalnya, menurutnya kualitas jaket kulit asal Indonesia sangat bersaing. Keunggulan kualitas kerajinan kulit Indonesia diamini

oleh Ardi Lada. Ardi adalah penerus bisnis tas kulit merk Wrekso di Yogyakarta. Produk-produknya banyak diekspor ke luar negeri, dan diincar oleh turis asing. Kiat bisnis Ardi ialah justru tdk mencoba mengikuti tren mode. “Tas-tas yang kami buat kan modenya ngga biasa. Namun, tas-tas itu laris dibeli turis-turis yang berkunjung ke warung kita di Jalan Sosrowijayan, Yogyakarta. Setiap turis, entah tersebut dari Jepang, Eropa, & Indonesia, punya selera tertentu. Jadi, menurut saya, setiap tas yg kami produksi ada jodohnya,” kata Ardi. Kekhasan produk tas kulit Wrekso diakui Ardi memikat konsumen. Namun, utk mempertahankan konsistensi kualitas menjadi tantangan tersendiri. “Saya memakai

kulit hasil usaha kecil serta menengah, bukan hasil pabrik. Kalau hasil pabrik, hari ini kami memesan kulit dengan kualitas tertentu, besok kita pesan kualitasnya sama. Sedangkan kalau kulit hasil UKM, hari ini aku pesan kulit cokelat, besok ane pesan kulit seperti itu cokelatnya blm tentu sama,” ucap Ardi. Solusinya, menurutnya, adalah telaten mengerjakan supervisi mengingat bisnisnya berpusat pada kerajinan tangan, bukan produksi massal. Ketelatenan itu kini berbuah manis. Ardi mengaku tas Wrekso yang mulai ditanganinya sejak 2012 tersebut sudah menghasilkan omzet Rp40 juta hingga Rp80 juta setiap bulan

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Why would you Just as one Employer Take into account Websites?


Writing a blog. It appears like something simply geeks might enjoy. However, blogging has become being done through geeks as well as non-techies alike. This could and really should problem you just as one boss due to the fact weblogs hold the serious chance to jeopardize your small business along with your enterprise picture as well as standing.

Websites, that is a widespread time period regarding Web Net Logs, are employed generally and quite often by people to article data which range from news as well as thoughts, chat and pictures regarding busine…

Running a blog. It may sound similar to something that simply nerds may love. But, blogging is being done by simply nerds as well as non-techies likewise. This can and will problem an individual being an boss because weblogs possess the severe possible ways to jeopardize your business plus your business image as well as popularity.

Websites, the common expression regarding Internet Net Logs, are utilized frequently and quite often simply by people to post data ranging from information and ideas, chit chat and also pictures concerning corporations. Frequently, weblogs possess the air flow and search of specialist on the internet magazines.

Sites are becoming more popular then ever for their easy easy development and employ. Net Internet Firewood have been in existence for quite a while. But because is usually the situation in the realm of computers “ease people “is everything. Anybody at absolutely no as well as minor price can easily setup as well as post about Websites of these alternative.

Blogs offer their own writers people as significant and diverse as the web by itself. That is why were observing newspaper writers, political functions, people, businesses and also corporations more and more accept websites to convey his or her communications in order to on-line people.

The number of blogs on the web runs broadly.

Blogpulse, your site authority “, found the particular astonishing count number involving $ 30 million weblogs, since eliminate 06 2006 although StrokonBlog Investigation , one more blog site authority claimed Sixty Zillion blogs mentioned Might August 2005.

Interestingly, and perhaps not surprisingly, sites are generally popular with any youthful target audience. It is often approximated that will 60 % on most bloggers they are under 19 years old. It is very safe to say that websites can become a lot more relevant to companies while these more youthful bloggers appear of age as well as become a member of the project power from the future.

Most sites can be viewed really safe. Actually your manifestation of a new intensifying clients are one which embraces blogs and also blogging as a good way to converse in an interactive revolutionary fashion. Also websites is usually a most useful device for you to conduct general market trends about tendencies and also conduct consumer analysis. Recall the rule that will 85 % of your respective company arises from 15 percent of one’s buyers. Sites is usually an affordable strategy to focus on and also interrract with the crucial 15 % of your respective customer base.

This makes wise practice considering people are looking at weblogs more and more. Last year the buyer study agency Ipsos-Reid noted that 49 Per-cent with the basic human population gas go through your blog post at least one time. And don’t forget this is a rely from the all round common inhabitants not necessarily folks pcs along with general laptop or computer skills.

A person just as one boss nonetheless must be worried about the negative influences that individuals can mete out on specific men and women and organizations. That is because several blog writers manipulate the internet system as powerful highly effective tools with regard to problems on businesses in addition to their current or perhaps ex- companies.

Employers needs to be extremely interested in the blogging and site-building actions of their staff. That is because workers, using weblogs can easily, amongst other things embark on copyright transgression, defamation in addition to show business approach along with industry strategies.

Your incredible aspect of your blog is the fact that after posted this stays online before the weblog will be customized, the full blog site is actually wiped or hosting server personal computer on the other side worldwide which can be hosting the blog will be deterred so to speak.

Due to being on the web the blog can be the two community to any individual from any location using internet connection. Certain data can easily be explored throughout the net over the normal search engine instruments.

Relatively innocuous information is most likely the ultimate url in a opponent’s puzzle as well as can be used for “social engineering “to technique employees straight into divulging essential corporate and business details to be able to strangers pretending to become personnel. 1 don’t need to hold the recommendations anymore for the place simply details.

Seemingly safe information about your site can also be utilized to guess security passwords. It is remarkable the proportion of people who make use of their address, birthday celebration and also wife’s, youngsters as well as pup’s reputation for email as well as accounts.

Staff whom write websites for the duration of their own work actions are simpler to manage using company policies and procedures. Staff that write the blogs, beyond their job several hours, can easily raise a lot more challenges regarding employers.

Here are several measures an individual just as one company could make use of to shield your small business via damaging worker blogs as well as writers.

One) Create a work place exactly where tips can be readily changed

2) Research blogging throughout worker coverage along with handbooks

Three or more) Firmly insist that will workers location disclaimers on his or her personalized weblogs

Some) Require employees to signal a new non-disclosure contract being a normal inside career. And make sure that will more mature employees along with fresh employees have to sign this manner.

Included in this plan inform you in which discharge of private business info is legitimate cause for fast dismissal through the company.

Your five) Within the business’s insurance plan study materials and guidelines stop personnel from creating defamatory blogs about your organization, co-workers or perhaps customers.

Blogs are generally a rising truth on the job. Modern companies will be wise to consider notice along with take steps to guard their own essential organization, workers as well as consumers as well as their essential image along with popularity.

Websites can be a potent tool in the current enterprise local weather that you can use for good as well as poor. Bear in mind it may usually one particular weblog admission to eliminate your organization graphic or even subscriber base that will got Twenty years to produce as well as mother nature.

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PT Ciputra Delta Build Propety Business Citra Harmoni within Sidoarjo-East Java


The subsequent article incorporates applicable data which could cause you to reconsider what you imagined anyone comprehended. It is important would be to analyze through an start head and be prepared to up-date the comprehending if needed.
Property or home designers PT Ciputra Delta programs to produce any group Citra Harmoni Residence Trosobo throughout East Java which will sweep the middle type within the 2nd term of this. For work with brand-new jobs group Greenville, PT Ciputra Delta will probably put together admittance street for you to in the streets Trosobo ahead of time. Now the particular admittance street remains to be within the planning along with the investment decision because within the place is often a railway line so that it ended up being unable to be manufactured approach crossroads, could be produced flyover.
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Blogs Are the Website marketing Ace in the hole


Today, sites are some of the most crucial solution guns in which web marketers could employ. They are a powerful way to have got ideas produced in a great un-moderated and also community spot, where tips and also information can be contributed amongst everybody who wants to learn them.

Copyright 2007 Level Nenadic

Currently, sites are some of the most important key weapons which online marketers can easily utilize. They really are a fantastic method to have got views produced in an un-moderated along with general public location, wherever ideas along with experience can be contributed amid everyone who wants to learn these.

Pertaining to affiliate marketing, blogging creates reliability to the web site with the a lot of thoughts and concepts which might be shared right now there. The organization, and its bloggers, turn out to be identified by their readers like a source of useful information. Therefore, individuals will not simply go to once, but will give back repeatedly to find out exactly what otherwise is completely.

Writing a blog is an extremely economical, rapid, as well as simple method to find thousands of guests. That draws those people who are inside your direct target market, producing connection developing a much more natural procedure once which visitor takes his or her using your website one step further along with makes a purchase associated with whichever product or service you’re selling — and still have recently been covering inside your website.

Blogs allow you to a professional in your field. That’s correct, with the right looking into along with way with words-at all (as well as with a experienced copy writer and also researcher in your employ) then you can definitely grow to be an expert with your field as far as your website blog is involved. To be a specialist, all that you should do is actually keep up with the most up-to-date with your industry in your blogs, and look after this frequently.

To make sure that you’re headed in the proper path with your blog site, check up on additional web site blogs within your sector to find out what they have submitted. Normally, this particular doesn’t imply you should be putting up exactly the same points as the competition. In fact, that is certainly one of the most severe stuff that that can be done. Undoubtedly, you’re permitted to reveal an impression from time to time, but your website should be noticeable whether it is to get taken heed of. If you are simply repeating what other people are already saying, you will then be viewed as previous news, and are disregarded for the main thinkers.

To get started on your individual blog site in your website, you’ll want a working system in place. Blogger and also Blogware are only samples of the various possibilities that are offered for your requirements.

Whenever you post on your own blog site, ensure that you’re carrying it out as you have something to state, rather than because it’s time for it to submit. Your websites should be fascinating should you be to hold a gradual visitor. If you’re not interested as to what you’re composing then the likelihood is that the site visitors won’t be thinking about exactly what they’re reading.

Maintain the interest, don’t take on your own also severely. Of study course you are allowed to write about serious along with crucial topics in your industry contributing to your product or service, however, you also can begin to add some trivia and amusing commentaries in which straight as well as in a roundabout way connect with your blog post matter and can charm the future prospect. This will be flawlessly acceptable throughout blog submitting and it is, in reality, encouraged. It allows the readers to feel that they’ve designed a true “contact” along, so you take a genuine delight in what you need to do.

Weblogs aren’t just great for making normal people to your web site, but they’re furthermore quite therapeutic for earning brand-new guests also. You’ll discover that when you’re talking about any given subject inside your sector, you’re using what and also terms which apply to your current subject matter. As these kind of phrases become more regularly employed during your internet site, as an example, in your the latest and stored blog posts, search engine spiders will certainly detect their own make use of and may even increase your position for anyone keywords and phrases.

To conclude, here’s what you need to reap the benefits of your blog post:

• The correct blogging tools

• The particular motivation and also dedication to lead on a regular basis

• One thing relevant to point out!

• Some talent in writing : should you don’t, hire an attorney who

• A little understanding in your sector : should you don’t, rely on someone else who are able to investigation these details

• Several point of view, not only obscure ramblings

For those who have these kind of, you’re all set to start taking advantage of what running a blog can contribute to your online online marketing strategy.

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Blog site Entrepreneur: Writing a blog Is the best Web business


Desire grow to be an online business owner without cash expense? You are able to. This short article discusses five enterprise types for your fresh blogging and site-building business. Have the ability to the possible for you to get you a six-figure income.

Copyright ’06 Angela Booth

When someone could tell you just how you may produce a global business, completely free of charge, broke more than the instruments you already have, and also the purchase of your energy, you’ll question their particular peace of mind.

Even so, the truth is. In case writing a blog appeals to you, you may earn a viable Web business in just a several months: totally free.

Running a blog is a brand-new rise in internet businesses. Fundamentally, it’s instant creating. Since business owner blogging and site-building is really brand new, you have a fantastic possiblity to construct your business prior to others backup what you’re doing, consider getting started right now, and initiate building your personal on the web country.

Here are five company versions to your brand new Net blogging and site-building company. These kinds of five types might be put together if you would like – there aren’t any principles in running a blog. You are able to affect the business design of an website whenever you want, to a product which in turn generates more cash.

Each one of these designs has the potential to enable you to get a new six-figure income. They’re:

• Affiliate weblog(utes)

• Internet publisher weblog(azines)

• Income blog(s)

• Program weblog(s)

• Community(azines)

Let’s consider these kind of types one at a time.

Internet marketer website(ersus)

Many companies develop affiliate marketing programs, simply because they can easily sponsor any sales staff involving lots of people, with tiny expenditure. The actual appeal of affiliate products regarding affiliate marketers is that you don’t require a product or service — you can begin offering others’ items, about payment.

If you are planning making an affiliate website, select the products that you may be marketing prior to deciding to build the blog. It is because you wish to ensure that there’s a great deal of goods that you’ll be able to promote. There’s nothing more serious as compared to creating a blog site, and also learning that the nicely is dry out: you’ve got picked out a distinct segment exactly where merchandise seldom adjust, plus which the goods are so consistent that there are nothing new to create as well as podcast about.

Web author blog site(utes)

In this design, your site will be the on-line same in principle as a manuscript. Just as a novel has capabilities and advertising, accurate your website. With this enterprize model, your articles is important, because you might be depending on your articles to get companies.

If you opt to develop a Net author blog site, you may have wonderful designs : the actual 1000s of magazines which can be printed annually. Check out a couple of your preferred mags. Often a month to month publication have a design for each and every month to month matter, together with several tales dedicated to this kind of design. Playboy publishes the periodical appointments 12 months ahead of time, so that promoters can easily fall into line their promoting for any distinct issue.

Revenue blog site(utes)

From the product sales model, you spend your blog post to a single product or service, as well as selection. When off-line organizations start blogs, their particular websites are revenue weblogs — they’re utilizing their websites to sell their products. In case you have products which you would like to offer, a new revenue blog site is a great business structure. You may offer an item which you’ve made – an ebook, any DVD, as well as art work : or perhaps products that you purchase through others, and also resale.

In case you are by now in operation, you could begin the business minded blog to do something because the advertising provide with the company.

However, without a business, consider having products designed for an individual, or even buy products that you can re-sell on the website. Try your neighborhood Phone book regarding suppliers: you may well be able to get goods that you may resale with a revenue. Of course, there are several wholesaling businesses on the internet, nevertheless the benefit of dealing with a local supplier is that you can inspect the items you are offering, to make sure top quality. The shipping fees is likewise minimal, producing far more earnings for you personally.

Support website(ersus)

Whilst the sales blog site carries goods, your services blog offers services. When you have a site that you just offer, then you could create a website to generate clients for your solutions. Or even, you could market the assistance of other people, by way of a weblog.

If you are offering something, you will know it’s tough to differentiate on your own from the thousands of individuals that sell the same support. Your blog post is really a method of doing that. If you’re a boogie instructor, by way of example, you may have a lot to create concerning. You are going to entice a great deal of start up business, and you may bring in extra earnings whenever you solicit your current tools vendors to market in your blog site.

Blog community(utes)

Blog site sites are sets of Net writer blogs produced in to a community. There is half dozen, or even lots, with regards to the ambitions along with passions from the one who owns the particular network. Website networks usually obtain their particular revenue via promoting.

In order to build a network, your current aims can be to: build a mission for that system, in addition to a apparent concept of where you’ll include blogs towards the circle, where and exactly how the earnings stream will probably be constructed.

Consequently, that’s all. 5 diverse business versions to your blog-based Internet business. Currently all that you should create your fresh Web business is actually eagerness, creativity, along with occasion.

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Makanan Sehat Ala Diet


Makanan Sehat Untuk Diet Menurunkan Berat Badan Siapa sih yang not bakal berjalan fit Semua individu mantap mau melalui aktivitas bugar raga dan rohani. Berikut 10 tips yang pandai engkau ikuti kepada mendapatkan konsumsi fit tapi juga lagi terasa enak di lidah. 1. konsumsi sasaran Yang berharta Nutrisi.Dibutuhkan 40 genre nutrisi bagi membuat jasmani dikau permanen sehat. cara menurunkan berat badan Dan tunggal golongan konsumsi saja tidak mampu mencukupi asupan semua macam ini. opsi konsumsi seharihari engkau sewajarnya mencakup karbohidrat dan buatan padipadian penuh lainnyabuahbuahan sayuran produk buah dada bersama daging ikan atau sasaran yang mengandung protein lainnya. 2. penggunaan PadiPadian Penuh Buah dan Sayuran. Survey menunjukkan seumpama mayoritas anak Adam

tak cukup mengkonsumsi genre makanan ini. Apakah anda usai memakan 61 jatah nasi atau sereal apakah 3 jatah dari model yang kamu makan ini tertera padipadian penuh Apa sampeyan tamat mengayap sasaran yang terdiri dari 24 kuota buah dan 35 porsi sayuran 3. beratur mengandung jasmani Seimbang. sarat badan yang cocok bakal anda tersangkut pada banyak faktor tercatat macam jantina semampai fisik usia dan keturunan. kelebihan berat berat tubuh membuat tekanan keluarga anda meninggi menimbulkan nyeri liver stroke kencing manis dan sebagian jenis kanker atau masalah lainnya. 4. Makan intern Ukuran Yang Layak. semisal anda membentengi ukuran alokasi engkau yang

masuk intelek lebih mudah bagi melahap mangsa yang engkau inginkan agar engkau selalu sehat. Apa kamu kenal rekomondasi konsumsi masak yang disajikan sama dengan 3 ons. Ukuran menengah buahbuahan yaitu ahad paket dan tunggal cangkir pasta yang sebanding dua porsi dan 4 kuota es krim.5. Makan Secara Teratur. Melewatkan jam makan cuma mau membuat kontrol rasa lapar lenyap malahan hasilnya justru jadi rasa lapar yang berlebihan. Saat dikau merasa lapar itu juga bermakna turun berat badan sampeyan melupakan pertanyaan nutrisi dalam makanan Anda. 6.Kurangi Bukan Membatasi jatah Makan. kebanyakan sosok mengayap makanan kepada menyenangkan diri. jika makanan favorit anda jenis yang semampai lemak

garam atau gula kunci

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cara memblokir internet positif di google chrome

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cara memblokir internet positif di blackberry cara memblokir internet positif cara reset printer canon mp258 cara reset printer canon mp287pphemm kesal buka jika keinginan tuk nonton sit Read This cara memblokir internet positif di hp Cara memblokir internet positif – Cara reset printer canon MP258 – Cara reset printer canon MP287

hemm kesal buka jika keinginan tuk nonton situx nakal yang berinisial XXX tidak bisa kebuka karna di blokir si internet positif pasti bingung cara membukanya tenang aja sobat ane punya solusinya anda tidak usah repot nyari sana sini nie ane kasih caranya dengan mudah dan peraktis.

cara memblokir internet positif di google chrome cara memblokir internet positif cara reset printer canon mp258 cara reset printer canon mp287pphemm kesal buka jika keinginan tuk nonton sit

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manfaat telur ayam jantan juga

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manfaat telur ayam jantan biasanya manfaat telur ayam jantan mencari a besar leopard gecko sebelumsebelum anda memutuskan untukse Read This manfaat telur ayam Manfaat Telur Ayam Jantan Membeli besar leopard gecko? Sebelum benar mencari besar leopard gecko Anda harus mencari tahu tentang jenis ini dari reptil. Berapa besar bisa seperti reptil pet tumbuh? Sebagaimana diuraikan oleh ahli normal jangka waktu jenis gecko seperti bisa melalui 8 membantu 9 inci meskipun dalam acara berpesta sangat baik tentu saja jika in yang cocok lingkungan mungkin Kenaikan sampai dengan kaki. Perempuan tokek matang melalui 6 . In untuk inci lebar meskipun mereka sendiri laki-laki rekan-rekan mengembangkan melalui 8 di membantu 10 inci lebar.

telur ayam manfaat telur ayam jantan mencari a besar leopard gecko sebelumsebelum anda memutuskan untukse

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jual celana jogger grosiran cargo

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jual celana jogger cargo harga grosir jual celana jogger cargoppseperti sudah disebutkan celana jogger perkamen tidak mulai keluar sebagai produsen custom celana mereka mulai keluar Read This toko celana bandung jual celana jogger cargo

Seperti sudah disebutkan celana jogger perkamen tidak mulai keluar sebagai produsen custom celana. Mereka mulai keluar sebagai segitiga yang Lw lipat sedemikian rupa sehingga Engkau berakhir dgn celana jogger dekorasi.

toko celana bandung jual celana jogger cargoppseperti sudah disebutkan celana jogger perkamen tidak mulai keluar sebagai produsen custom celana mereka mulai keluar

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jual celana jogger jeans cream

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jual celana jogger lokal cream jual celana jogger creamppproduk jadi sangat menyerupai jogger ditemukan melilit es krim jika ini merupakan apa celana jogger nte terlihat seper Read This klik disni jual celana jogger cream

Produk jadi sangat menyerupai jogger ditemukan melilit es krim. Jika ini merupakan apa celana jogger Nte terlihat seperti maka kemungkinan besar bahwa Anda membuat Kamu benar. distributor kain jogger

klik disni jual celana jogger creamppproduk jadi sangat menyerupai jogger ditemukan melilit es krim jika ini merupakan apa celana jogger nte terlihat seper